Melanie C-Melanie C (LP)

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Release Date: October 2, 2020
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Brand new eighth studio album from Melanie C aka Sporty Spice of the iconic Spice Girls. Pop with danceclub attitude; album has a positive message combatting depression and embracing body positivity. Full worldwide media campaign w/ press (Vogue, New Yorker, CofS, Paiste, Billboard, RS); TV/Media appearances including James Corden; Full WW radio campaign highlighting lead singles "Who I Am" and "Blame It On Me"; World tour 2021.

  1. Who I Am
  2. Blame It on Me
  3. Good Enough
  4. Escape
  5. Overload
  6. Fearless Feat. Nadia Rose
  7. Here I Am
  8. Nowhere to Run
  9. In and Out of Love
  10. End of Everything