Anti-Flag-Their System Doesn't Work For You (2XLP)

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  1. I Can't Stand Being with You (Re-Mastered)
  2. Their System Doesn't Work for You (Re-Mastered)
  3. Their System Doesn't Work for You (Re-Mastered)
  4. We've Got His Gun (Re-Mastered)
  5. Born to Die (Re-Mastered)
  6. The Truth (Re-Mastered)You'll Scream Tonight (Re-Mastered)
  7. Indie Sux, Hardline Sux, Emo Sux (Re-Mastered)
  8. Anti-Violent (Re-Mastered)
  9. 20 Years of Hell (Re-Mastered)
  10. I'm Having a Good Day (Re-Mastered)
  11. I Don't Want to Be Like You (Re-Mastered)
  12. Too Late (Re-Mastered)
  13. I Don't Need Anybody (Re-Mastered)
  14. Betty Sue Is Dead (Re-Mastered)
  15. If Not for You (Re-Mastered)
  16. Meet Your Master (Re-Mastered)
  17. We Won't Take No (Re-Mastered)
  18. Save Me (Re-Mastered)
  19. I'm Feeling Slightly Violent (Re-Mastered)