Blaze Foley-Live At The Austin Outhouse (LP)

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"Live at the Austin Outhouse" captures Blaze Foley, Austin's legendary singer-songwriter, at his final appearance at the iconic Austin Outhouse venue. Recorded over two nights in 1989 just days before his tragic murder these twelve tracks are available on vinyl for the first time. Recorded by his friend John Casner these now-classic Blaze tracks were for years only shared on hand-made cassettes among a small network of friends and fans. This vinyl LP marks the twenty-year anniversary of their initial release on CD by Lost Art Records.

While Blaze's reputation as a singer-songwriter has exploded in recent years, access to his catalog on vinyl has not kept pace. The tracks here include many of his classics; Clay Pigeons (covered by John Prine), If I Could Only Fly (covered by Merle Haggard), Election Day (covered by Lyle Lovett) and nine others. Blaze is joined in this set by several of Austin's most beloved musicians including Champ Hood and Sarah Elizabeth Campbell. "Live at the Austin Outhouse" reveals Blaze to be as talented and soulful as his friends and running buddies Townes Van Zandt and Lucinda Williams. Foley is also the subject of a documentary film, Blaze Foley - Duct Tape Messiah, directed by Kevin Triplett, and the 2018 feature-film, Blaze, directed by Ethan Hawke.

  1. Oh Darlin'
  2. Clay Pigeons
  3. If I Could Only Fly
  4. Town Hero
  5. New Slow Boat to China
  6. Our Little Town
  7. Officer Norris
  8. Christian Lady Talkin' on a Bus
  9. Picture Cards Can't Picture You
  10. Election Day
  11. Faded Loves and Memories
  12. Oooh Love
  13. If I Could Only Fly
  14. Let Me Ride in Your Big Cadillac