Honeyblood-In Plain Sight (Green LP)

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Limited 180gm translucent dark green vinyl LP pressing. 2019 release from the Scottish indie rock project led by guitarst/singer/songwriter Stina Tweeddale. Honeyblood's third album sees Stina Tweeddale finding her most ambitious form and steely focus yet. Three albums in she has stepped forward to finally claim the mantle of the project she birthed seven years ago as a her sole vision. Stina takes the reigns in collaboration with none-other than super-producer John Congleton (Angel Olsen, St Vincent) for the most definitive Honeyblood album to date, consolidating the Glasgow-born band as one of the most important UK names.

  1. She's a Nightmare
  2. The Third Degree
  3. A Kiss from the Devil
  4. Gibberish
  5. The Tarantella
  6. Take the Wheel
  7. Touch
  8. Glimmer
  9. You're a Trick
  10. Twisting the Aces
  11. Harmless