L'Imperatric-Odyssee (2XLP)

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Release Date: July 15, 2022
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After Matahari and Tako Tsubo, their two full-length albums, the French sextet L'Impératrice re-releases their EP Odyssée (Deluxe).

Available for the first time in the US on an exclusive double LP. L'Impératrice takes us on a dreamy Odyssée, exploring a variety of sounds and sensations for a colorful result. The third EP of the Parisian sextet, available on double vinyl LP, offers us an original version and an acoustic version, including the famous tracks, 'Agitations tropicales' and 'Parfum thérémine'. Odyssée is without a doubt their most conceptual and daring EP, and the one that launched the band! The double vinyl comes in an exclusive shiny packaging with a silver lamination and includes two posters.