Marvin Pontiac-The Asylum Tapes (LP)

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Marvin Pontiac was anonymously sent a 4 track tape recorder during the years he was held at Esmerelda State Mental Institution. This is what he did with it.' This was the sole statement accompanying the release of Marvin Pontiac: The Asylum Tapes, the first release in 17 years by John Lurie's alter ego Marvin Pontiac. Coming to prominence during the no wave era as part of NYC's notorious Lounge Lizards and starring in Jim Jarmusch's film Down By Law, Lurie's quirky compositions under the Pontiac pseudonym have developed a legendary reputation from fans and critics alike. Though Asylum Tapes was initially shared with the world in 2017, Northern Spy is proud to bring it to the vinyl medium for the first time in 2020.

  1. Unbelievable
  2. I Hope She Is Okay
  3. My Bear To Cross
  4. Hollerin'
  5. I Don't Have A Cow
  6. We Are The Frog People
  7. Let Me Tell You
  8. I Am A Man
  9. I Don't Like to Stand On Line
  10. Baby Pigs
  11. My Little Garden Gnome
  12. Beastliness
  13. You're Going To Miss Me
  14. I Want To Get Out Of Here
  15. Godzilla
  16. Temple Of Banjos
  17. I Am Not Crazy
  18. It's Always Something. It's Never Nothing.
  19. Santa Claus
  20. Little Banjo
  21. I Am Not Alone