Nickel Creek-Nickel Creek (2XLP)

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While Nickel Creek's earlier recordings showed off their musical prowess, the trio consider their self-titled 2000 release to be their official debut. Released on Sugar Hill Records & produced by Alison Krauss, the album incorporates elements of rock, alternative, jazz, & even classical. Featuring both traditional & original material, Nickel Creek showcases the band's unique style as well as their deft songwriting skills; highlights including "The Lighthouse's Tale" & "When You Come Back Down." LP pressed on 180 gram vinyl.

  1. Ode to a Butterfly
  2. The Lighthouse's Tale
  3. Out of the Woods
  4. In the House of Tom Bombadil
  5. Reasons Why
  6. When You Come Back Down
  7. Sweet Afton
  8. Cuckoo's Nest
  9. The Hand Song
  10. Robin and Marian
  11. The Fox
  12. Pastures New