Palette Knife-Ponderosa Snake House & The Chamber Of Bullshit (LP)

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Palette Knife's layered approach to songwriting and storytelling might begin as a shock. It's a dizzying experience, one that flips channels between impassioned odes to thrifting dates and other cheapskate adventures, lamenting the person yourself or someone like you used to be, and relentless appeals to reason in a world that constantly moves the goalposts. For now, enjoy the kickoff. Ponderosa Snake House And The Chamber Of Bullshit finds Palette Knife - guitarist/vocalist Alec Licata, bassist Chris McGrath, and drummer Aaron Queener - navigating the woes and wins of twenty-something Midwest life with acrobatic energy. Much of this comes from Licata's guitar playbook that dips into everything from tapping solos to thunderous power chords, but this scholarship borrows from the past five years of emo-rock to forge something entirely it's own.