Pontius Pirate-Pterodactyl Island (LP)

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  1. Everyone Loves Brain 
  2. Dinosaur Power 
  3. Wise Man 
  4. Croatioan Death Grip 
  5. OSCAR 
  6. Iv'e Worn Out My Welcome 
  7. Chester A. Arthur.. Fuck YOU! 
  8. A Burnt-Up Kitten, Kissing The Sun 
  9. How Many Pieces Of Toast 
  10. Pterodactyl of Rock And Roll 
  11. Sombero Man 
  12. What Would Black Metal Do? 
  13. My Nuts 
  14. Neanderthal Chemistry set 
  15. Too Many People, Not Enough Food 
  16. A Song In Which A Guy Says "Anymore" Too Often 
  17. What Is The Best Kind Of Music?