Rush-Hemispheres...The Last Night (2XLP Blue 10" Vinyl)

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This is the powerful record of the very last night of the Hemispheres tour. The live set featured on this album is the legendary performance by Rush at the Pinkpop Festival in Holland from June 1979 which was broadcast live throughout Europe.

This remarkable double-album is unique as the 10-inch format brings an extra-dimension of exclusivity as each edition is pressed in a limited run. So if you want one it's best to grab your copy while you can as there is no guarantee it will ever be pressed again.

  1. A Passage To Bangkok
  2. The Trees
  3. Cygnus X-1 Book II - The Sphere (A Kind Of Dream)
  4. Xanadu
  5. La Villa Strangiato
  6. Closer To The Heart
  7. In The Mood
  8. Something For Nothing