Six Feet Under-Nightmares Of The Decomposed (LP)

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Legendary death metal band Six Feet Under return with their explosive 17th full-length, Nightmares Of The Decomposed. Comprised of twelve tracks, it is a defining statement, making it very clear that more than twenty-five years into their career they remain at the forefront of the genre. Dynamic, heavy as hell, catchy, and uncompromising, it is everything that the band's longtime faithful have come to expect from the deadly unit, and is clearly the product of a lot of hard work.

  1. Amputator
  2. Zodiac
  3. The Rotting
  4. Death Will Follow
  5. Migraine
  6. The Noose
  7. Blood of the Zombie
  8. Self Imposed Death Sentence
  9. Dead Girls Don't Scream
  10. Drink Blood Get High
  11. Labyrinth of Insanity
  12. Without Your Life