Six Feet Under-Warpath (LP)

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Having begun as a side project while Chris Barnes was fronting Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under became a full-fledged and unstoppable entity in 1995, and over the course of their career they have consistently helped shape the face of death metal through their uncompromising approach to their craft. Six Feet Under is one of the longest standing and successful acts in death metal history, with all but their debut album appearing on a Billboard chart. That auspicious debut, 1995's Haunted, along with fellow definitive '90s follow-up effortsWarpath (1997) and Maximum Violence (1999) are being reissued courtesy of longtime label Metal Blade Records. Produced by Brian Slagel, Warpath was Six Feet Under's second album overall and the band's final release with Obituary guitarist Allen West who plays his heart out here. One of their finest, Warpath proved to the masses that Six Feet Under was far more than a one off and a force to be reckoned with in death metal circles the world over.

  1. War Is Coming
  2. Nonexistence
  3. A Journey Into Darkness
  4. Animal Instinct
  5. Death or Glory
  6. Burning Blood
  7. Manipulation
  8. 4:20
  9. Revenge of the Zombie
  10. As I Die
  11. Night Visions
  12. Caged and Disgraced