Slaughter-Stick It To Ya (LP)

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After providing their musical expertise with former Kiss guitarist's Vinnie Vincent Invasion, heavy metal veterans Mark Slaughter (lead vocals/guitars) and Dana Strum (bass guitar) decided to branch out on their own and form the supergroup Slaughter. Their success was immediate upon release of their debut smash hit "Stick It To Ya." As radio played their first hit single "Up All Night", the fans reacted in unison as the album propelled further to the top of the charts with their huge hit "Fly To The Angels." "Stick It To Ya" didn't stop there... more hits like "Up All Night" "Mad About You" and "Spend My Life" all became radio favorites and moved this album into double platinum territory. Produced by Mark Slaughter and Dana Strum, this hard rockin' event catapulted this band well into the upper rungs of super stardom as it was nominated Best Metal Album of The Year 1991 by the American Music Awards... plus all the hit video rotation on MTV truly made their career a very important chapter in the history of metal and hard rock music. As compact discs were all the rage in 1990, the vinyl album release of this magical album was a rare commodity and has been now for almost 30 years... that is until now! To celebrate their upcoming 30th Anniversary, Friday Music is very pleased to announce the Slaughter 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl Series with their multi-platinum chart topping 'Stick It To Ya' for the first time ever on 180 Gram Vinyl.

  1. Eye to Eye
  2. Burnin' Bridges
  3. Up All Night
  4. Spend My Life
  5. Thinking of June
  6. She Wants More
  7. Fly to the Angels
  8. Mad About You
  9. That's Not Enough
  10. You Are the One
  11. Gave Me Your Heart
  12. Desperately
  13. Loaded Gun