Fred Mollin-It's Great To Be A Kid (LP)

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"With the pandemic still keeping most of our world in lockdown, it seems that a ray of light would be welcome, especially for young children. I'm proud to say that my label, Melody Place, is releasing a new album of my original songs for the young ones. "IT'S GREAT TO BE A KID" features songs I wrote during the pandemic with the idea that I would just make the record for my grandchildren ages 3 and 1. My partner, Leigh Shockey, heard the music and implored me to release it on Melody Place, so that children all over the world might have a chance to hear the music I wrote for my grandkids. The songs are all about the fun new parts of life that a child gets to experience. I recorded with some of my brilliant musicians in Nashville, as well as some of my favorite singers and voice actors. I also sang a few myself when the casting was right."