Funkadelic-Standing on the Verge: The Best of Funkadelic (2XLP)

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  1. Cosmic Slop
  2. Standing on the Verge of Getting It on
  3. You Can't Miss What You Can't Measure
  4. One Nation Under a Groove
  5. Better By the Pound
  6. Sexy Ways
  7. Loose Booty
  8. (Not Just) Knee Deep
  9. A Joyful Process
  10. Whatever Makes My Baby Feel Good
  11. Can You Get to That
  12. Maggot Brain
  13. I Wanna Know Is It Good for You
  14. I'll Bet You
  15. Hit It and Quit It
  16. Red Hot Mama
  17. I Got a Thing You Got a Thing Everybody Got a Thing
  18. Comin' Round the Mountain
  19. Let's Take It to the Stage
  20. Undisco Kidd