Lil' Kim-Notorious K.I.M. (2XLP)

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Limited pink and black colored vinyl LP pressing. Second album from Lil' Kim, that followed her historic debut for a female rapper. Featuring the hit "How Many Licks.".

  1. Lil' Drummer Boy
  2. Custom Made (Give It To You)
  3. Who's Number One?
  4. Suck My D**k
  5. Single Black Female
  6. Revolution
  7. How Many Licks?
  8. Notorious Kim
  9. No Matter What They Say
  10. She Don't Love You
  11. Queen Bitch Pt. 2
  12. Don't Mess With Me
  13. Do What You Like
  14. Off The Wall
  15. Right Now
  16. Aunt Dot
  17. Hold On
  18. I'm Human