Madness-I Do Like To Be B-Side The A-Side, Vol. 3 (LP) (RSD2023)

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  1. Round And Round (b-side ‘Lovestruck’)
  2. We Are Love (b-side ‘Lovestruck’)
  3. You’re Wonderful (Remix) (b-side ‘Johnny The Horse’)
  4. I Was The One (b-side ‘Johnny The Horse’)
  5. Dreaming Man (b-side ‘Johnny The Horse’)
  6. Elysium (b-side ‘Drip Fed Fred’)
  7. Light Of The Way (b-side ‘Drip Fed Fred’)
  8. Skylarking (b-side ‘Shame & Scandal’)
  9. Dreader Than Dread (b-side ‘Shame & Scandal’)
  10. Girl Why Don't You? (Dub) (b-side 'Girl Why Don't You?')
  11. Bittersweet (b-side 'NW5')
  12. The Roadette Song (b-side 'Dust Devil')