Roc Marciano-Mt. Marci (2XLP)

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Mt. Marci is the 8th studio album from legendary emcee / producer Roc Marciano. This new album is in conjunction with Josue Thomas of The Gallery Dept, and without question is a must have for the true music / Roc Marciano fan.

  1. Intro (Allegories)
  2. Downtown '81
  3. Covid Cough
  4. Wheat 40's
  5. Spirit Cookin'
  6. Pimps Don't Wear Rabbits
  7. Butterfly Effect
  8. The Eye Of Whorus
  9. Steel Vagina
  10. Broadway Billy
  11. Baby Powder
  12. Trenchcoat Wars
  13. Wicked Days
  14. Garbage Pal Kids
  15. Crockett N Tubbs
  16. Mt. Marci