Toby Keith-100% Songwriter (LP)

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  1. Should've Been a Cowboy (Album: Toby Keith- Reached #1)
  2. He Ain't Worth Missing (Album- Toby Keith- Reached #5)
  3. Wish I Didn't Know Now (Album- Toby Keith- Reached #2)
  4. Who's That Man (Album-Boomtown- Reached #1)
  5. Big Ol' Truck (Album-Boomtown- Reached #15)
  6. Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine on You (Album-Blue Moon- Reached #2)
  7. Country Comes to Town (Album-How Do You Like Me Now?- Reached #4)
  8. You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This (Album-How Do You Like Me Now?- Reached #1)
  9. Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American) (Album-Unleashed- Reached #1)
  10. Who's Your Daddy? (Album-Unleashed-Reached #1)
  11. Stays in Mexico (Album- Greatest Hits 2- Reached #3)
  12. Honkytonk U (Album-Honkytonk U- Reached #8)
  13. Crash Here Tonight (Album- White Trash with Money-Reached #15)